2 January 2015

Happy new year! Welcome to 2015!
It was a long time since we updated the website ..
Ulf has been busy both as a producer and touring musician!

A summary:

Ulf produced the Norwegian singer Sivert Hoyem´s last album "Endless Love" which was released in March 2104 on Hector Grammofon..Ulf was also included in Sivert´s 'touring band as bassist and the tour consisted of 65 shows in 65 cities!

Ulf has also produced the new Thåström album "The Morronen" along with Thåström and Niklas Hellberg. Releasedate: February 11!

There will also be a spring tour with Thåström! (
Check here) Plus many other exiting projects in the pipeline..stay tuned….


6 October 2012

Paatos will go on tour in november! At the same time we release the new album "V"

Here are the tour dates:

14 Nov, Hamburg (GER), Logo
15 Nov, Verviers (BE), Spirit of 66
16 Nov, Leeuwaarden (NL), Romein
17 Nov,Uden (NL) De Pul
18 Nov, Zoetermeer (NL), De Boerderij
20 Nov, Oberhausen (GER), Zentrum Altenberg
21 Nov, Manchester (UK), Night & Day
22 Nov, London (UK), The Underworld
23 Now, Russelsheim (GER), Das Rind
24 Nov, Kerkrade (NL), Rock Temple

here for more info!


7 May 2012

Some News....

Ulf "Rockis" Ivarsson has made a Thåström remix that is the b side on the new single "Samarkanda"!
"Låt dom regna Ulf Rockis Ivarsson Noise hifi transformation mix”!! The"single will be released digitally on May 7th!

here for more info!!


Ulf "Rockis" Ivarsson has produced Mike Granditskys new album!

Out now! click
here for more info!


27 January 2012

Sorry for the late update ...

but here is some news!

New album with Thåström! ”Beväpna dig med vingar. Produced by Ulf "Rockis" Ivarsson.

Recorded in Stockholm and Berlin! Mixed by Michael Ilbert at Hansa Ton Studios, Berlin.

Release date February 15, 2012

pimme bmv

Tour Dates:

26 feb: Sthlm Cirkus
27 feb, Sthlm Cirkus
28 feb, Shlm Cirkus
29 feb, Sthlm Cirkus

7 march, Århus, Vox Hall (DK)
8 march, Copenhagen Vega (DK)
9 march, Malmö KB
10 march, Malmö KB

14 march, Göteborg, Trädgårn´
15 march, Göteborg Trädgårn´
16 march, Göteborg, Trädgårn´
17 march, Oslo Centrumscene (NO)

22 march, Esklistuna Lokomotivet
23 march Norrköping Louis De Geer, Flygeln
24 march, Örebro Conventum

29 march, Umeå Idun teatern (Umeå open)

12 april. Uppsala Konsert och kongress
13 april, Gävle Gasklockorna
14 april Falun Magasinet

18 april, Helsingfors Tavastia (FIN)

2 April 2011

Rockis on tour with Paatos!


Rockis will join the post-rock / prog rock band Paatos
for six events in Poland in May!
Rockis also plays on their latest album
"Breathing"! Here are the dates and venues:

2011-05-24 Wytwórnia Lódz ( PL )

2011-05-25: Eter Wroclaw ( PL )

2011-05-26: Centrum Kultury Rotunda Kraków ( PL )

2011-05-27: Eskulap Poznan ( PL )

2011-05-28 : Centrum Stocznia Gdanska Gdansk ( PL )

2011-05-29: Stodola Warsaw ( PL )

Check out Paatos

8 Dec

Beatundercontrol in dub!! Out Now!!

.."Beatundercontrol In Dub is the third seismic milestone in Swedish bass evangelist
Ulf 'Rockis' Ivarsson's continuing mission into the ever-throbbing rebel heart of dub
in its purest form; a contemporary, bass-driven monster-trawl into one of the most
influential musical forms of all time, as originally propagated by the likes of King
Tubby, Lee Perry, Jack Ruby and Scientist.

There hasn't been an album like this for years;
Old school dub heads will wallow in this album, pinching themselves that such a
record could be produced in 2010. Meanwhile, younger generations have a killer
opportunity to experience one of the most jawdroppingly fearless musical styles
of all time, in all its mind-melting, intestine-pummelling glory, translated brilliantly
to the present".

Kris Needs


The amazing, incredible serious dub album from Beatundercontrol
Featuring remixes from:



1,Neutron Dub
2,Electroshocker Dub
3,Gaffaman Dub
4,Resurrection Dub
5,Secrets of fascination (MIX TRANSLATION BY Bill Laswell)
6,Heavy Man (YOUTH REMIX)

8,Bait Ban (Scorn Remix)

Almost 52 minutes of serious spaced out heavy dub.

Buy the digital version of this album from following stores:
I Tunes,
E Music,

Beatundercontrol in dub!

1 Nov

Sorry for late update...

Rockis have co produced 3 tracks together
with Michael Blair for the new Thea Gilmore album
"Murphys Heart"..."Gods got nothing on you", "Jazz hands" and "Woundrous Thing"!!

Check out Thea here...http://www.theagilmore.net/welcome.cfm


27 June

Buy Noise Hifi"Red Distortion from the
Independent netlabel

24 May

Noise HiFi!!
The new Album "Red Distortion" Out Now!!

Dark Ambient/Industrial Project Featuring Thåström on Prophet One!!


Noise HiFi is a dark ambient / industrial project with Ulf "Rockis" Ivarsson!
Musician, producer and composer who, among other things has worked with Thåström, Nicolai Dunger, Olle Ljungström Bill Laswell, Youth (Killing Joke, The Orb) and Mick Harris (Napalm Death Lull, Scorn)

The debut album "Red Distortion" contains four more or less improvised Dark Ambient / Industrial compositions! Taking inspiration from bands and artists like Throbbing Gristle, Mokira, Lull, Lustmord and Tangerine Dream, Ivarsson have manipulated with drones and sounds of the mines, white noise sounds and heavy dubbasses!


1, Red Distortion

2, Ships

3, Darklands Dub

4, Around the Lake

Joakim Thåström is involved on the album with various noise and the Prophet one Synthesizers!

Noise Hifi, Red Distortion is released at Ivarsson´s own label Vibesongs in a very limited edition!

Buy Noise HiFi "Red Distortion" Here!! Price inc. shipping!

3 May

Beatundercontrol Interview in Gaffa!

Ulf"Rockis"Ivarsson is talking about the "Beatundercontrol in Dub" Album in the latest issue of the Scandinavian Musicmagazine Gaffa!

 Gaffa Hemsida

31 March

...lot of things in the pipeline...!!

The Noise Hifi Album "Red Distortion is finally mixed and will be released this spring/summer!!
Heavy drones and noises with lot of dub influences!! Featuring Thåström on Prophet one!! More info soon!

You can listen to Noise Hifi

The new Topper album "Just get through it" is finished....releasedate 22nd of may thru SuperNova! (Bonnier Amigo) Mixed and Produced by Ulf"Rockis"Ivarsson!!

The Freeform freejazz project "Trash Jazz Assasin" featuring "Rockis" on Bass, Ricard Huxflux Nettermalm on Drums and the Guitar player Reine Fiske have been in the studio for a chaotic and noisy session...that album will be mixed this spring/summer!!

Gigs with Thåström in Norway and Sweden in April and May...(See the performance section!)

And finally...Beatundercontrol in Dub....Featuring Bill Laswell, Youth, Scorn, and Analouge Mindfield will hit you in the face in June 2010 thru Malicious Damage!

And there is some other cool things going on as well....More info soon...stay tuned!

Rockis hollmer

7 March

New Project!

Coste Apetrea: Guitar, Noises (Samla Mammas Manna)

Tatsuya Yoshida: Drums, Noises (Ruins, John Zorn, Bill Laswell, Samla Mammas Manna)

Ulf"Rockis"Ivarsson: Bass, Noises

This new trio will do 3 Noisy gigs in Sweden:

17 March: HiJazz: Uppsala

18 March: Nefertiti: Gothenburg

20 March: Teater 3: Stockholm
( A tribute Night To Lasse Hollmér)

Check out Coste Apetrea
here! Check out Tatsuya Yoshida here!


21 February

Caroline Taucher!!

Debut Album!! Release: March 2010
Featuring "Rockis" on Bass, Piano, Guitar and Synthesizer!
This album is recorded in London!
Produced by Gordon Raphael (The Strokes, Regina Spector)

Check out Carolines Myspace page here!


21 January

Thåström on tour! 2010!

Pelle Ossler
Niklas Hellberg
Ulf Rockis Ivarsson
Anders Hernestam
Micke Nilzén

Haugesund (No): Festiviteten 28 jan

Oslo (No): Sentrum Scene 29 Jan (w Johnossi)

Trondheim (No): Verkstedshallen 30 Jan

Göteborg : Lisebergshallen 4 Feb (w Johnossi)

Stockholm: Annexet 5 Feb (w Johnossi)

Stockholm: Annexet 6 Feb (w Johnossi)

Lund: Mejeriet 10 Feb (w Johnossi)

Köpenhamn (DK) :Stora Vega 11 Feb (w Johnossi)

Linköping: Sporthallen 12 Feb (w Johnossi)

Sundsvall: Sporthallen 13 Feb (w Johnossi)

29 December

Happy new year and thanks to the fantastc audience and the olson brothers
for the nice response when Beatundercontrol in Dub
played at the Berggrenska gården in Gävle,
Sweden 26th of December!

rockis1 berggrenska

23 November

"Rockis" Will perform wirh Thåström at the SVT show
"Skavlan on Friday 27th! (The show will be recorded on Thursday 26th)

Malicious Damage 30th years anniversary party 27th of november!...featuring Beatundercontrol!!
Will do an explosive duo Dub show!!


Ulf"Rockis"Ivarsson: Bass, Ableton Live, Fx.

Ricard Nettermalm: Drums.


21 October 09

Digital Minds

Gävle Concert Hall, Sweden

October 27-28 2009.

Ulf"Rockis"Ivarsson will perform at this event

together with the Experimental electro ambient duo

and the video artist
Fredric Ceson!

Click on the banner for more info!!

digitalminds edit

17 September 09

Sorry for the late update...

..here´s some news!!

Rockis shall play some gigs with the swedish blueslegend
Rolf Wikström
in the end on September month and in the beginning of october!

He is also mixing the next
Topper album that he also have produced!

Ulf "Rockis" Ivarsson plays bass on the forthcoming album
with the swedish progressive group
Paatos! More info soon!!

"Rockis" is also involved on
Thåströms new compilation album!!
More info soon!

Enter The Hunt!! New website...!! Go Here!!

There you can listen to the new single "Fighters"and different remixes for that track!
Check out "Rockis"remix

Beatundercontrol live in London!!

Beatundercontrol will do a live Dub set at
The Malicious Damage 30th year anniversary party 27th of November!
The Situation 635, Lendal Terrace Clapham North,SW4, London U.K

IMG_1551 - Kopia

...And the tour goes on...

Great gigs. Great audiences, a fantasic band and crew!!

I am very proud to be a part of Thåström,s machinery!!

More to come!!


Summertour with Thåström!

Line up:

Thåström: Vocals, Guitars

Niklas Hellberg : Keyboards

Pelle Ossler : Guitars

Anders Hernestam : Drums

Ulf"Rockis"Ivarsson : Bass

Tomas Hallonsten : Keyboards


25 jun : Peace & Love Festival ,Borlänge

26 jun : Kirunafestivalen , Kiruna

2 jul: Trädgårdsföreningen ,Göteborg
(With Anna Ternheim and Freddie Wadling)

3 jul : Långholmen, Stockholm (With Anna Ternheim and Freddie Wadling)

4 jul : Arvikafestivalen , Arvika

8 jul : Sofiero Helsingborg
(With Anna Ternheim and Freddie Wadling)

11 jul: Hultsfredsfestivalen Hultsfred

30 jul : Putte i Parken Karlskoga

31 jul : Luleåkalaset Luleå

1 aug : Storsjöyran Östersund

7 aug: Raumarock Åndalsnes (NO)

14 aug: Öyafestivalen Oslo (NO)

21 aug : Parkenfestivalen Bodö (NO)

22 aug : Stereofestivalen Trondheim (NO)

New Video !

The eye watering video for Beatundercontrol's
download single "Secrets of Fascination",

which is the Bill Laswell remix of "Neutron dub"

to be released in october 2009 and featuring remixes from
Youth, Mick Harris, Analogue Mindfield & Bill Laswell...

The Bill Laswell Mix "Secrets of fascination"
Digital Single Release!!
Out on I tunes on 18th 0f may!!

Mixed by the legendary Bassplayer and Producer Bill Laswell! The track
"Secrets of Fascination"will be released as a digital single on In Tunes
18th of may by
Malicious Damage Records!

The fulllength album"Beatundercontrol in Dub" (Release: autumn 09)
contains mixes of
Youth (Killing Joke, The Orb, Paul Mccartney) Mick Harris ( Napalm Death, Scorn, Lull , Painkiller)
and the irish Dubcollective
Analouge Mindfield!!!

For more info about Bill Laswell.. Click Here!!

beatundercontrol in dub

1 May

BeatUnderControl In Dub!!

17 March

On tour with Thåström


13 mar 2009 : Olympen Lund

14 mar 2009 : Cirkus ,Stockholm

15 mar 2009 : Cirkus ,Stockholm

18 mar 2009 : Arena ,Skövde

19 mar 2009 : Rockefeller ,Oslo

20 mar 2009 : Lisebergshallen ,Göteborg

26 mar 2009 : Bomardier arena ,Västerås

27 mar 2009 : Sporthallen ,Linköping

28 mar 2009 : Idrottshallen ,Kristianstad

03 apr 2009 : Huskvarna Folkets Park ,Huskvarna

04 apr 2009 : Nöjesfabriken ,Karlstad

13 March

Thåström New Album out now...

"Kärlek är för dom"

Produced by Ulf"Rockis"Ivarsson

Click on the cover for more details!!


26 November

The Scrags.

Debut album release on November 26!!

Produced by Ulf"Rockis"Ivarsson.

The scrags

A normal CD rotates at the speed of 500 rpm. The Scrags debut album, to be released on
Alleycat Records November 26, rotates at the speed of 666 rpm and will send your CD-
players laserbeam right up your ass.

Recorded live in studio on 2-inch tape at Traxton Recording, this album captures the feverish
intensity of the concerts. All the edges of this rough diamond - the bumps and bruises, the
voice on the verge of implosion - are served elegantly on a HiFi silver platter by no less than
the punk/dub basist Ulf "Rockis" Ivarsson (Thåström, Beat Under Control, Nicolai Dunger)
and sound maestro Christian Edgren (bob hund, Sci-Fi Skane, Eagle Eye Cherry).

The Scrags have been playing together since 2003. With no label to back them up, they have
done 7 shows in New York, 9 gigs in the London area as well as Swedish festivals like
Hultsfred and Arvika. They have just returned from a European tour and after playing in
countries like Germany, The Netherlands, France, Spain, and Italy, they have come out
stronger, poorer, and smelling worse than ever. The Scrags are now ready for the next level.
Whatever that means.

17 November

"Download"!! New Album with Sky High!!


SKY HIGH are celebrating it´s 30´th anniversary in the fall of 2008. After over 4.000 gigs around the world and 16 fullength albums, the band now shifts to a higher gear…

New members Ulf”Rockis”Ivarsson – bass/vocals, known from previous/present work with Swedish top artists Thomas Di Leva and Joakim Thåström AND superdrummer James Bradley Jr, formerly with Anita Baker, Chuck Mangione, Beasty Boys, Crazytown etc..have brought ace axeman/singer Clas Yngström and Sky High´s music to new heights with the new album “DOWN LOAD”
The new album contains 12 newly written originals plus a couple of covers on songs by American blues legend Johnny Winter and English blues-rock classic 60/70´s group FREE.

It´s a real download of emotional songs that sometimes pull towards a more heavy rock/punk sound AND! As always with this group, plenty of BLUES and BOOGIE ! The album also marks a shift over to digital distribution with Apple´s music site iTunes, who now take on all the groups albums for the world!

28 October

New Album: Ett Brus w/ Ossler!! Releasedate: 29th of october!!

ett brus

I am very proud to announced that the new album "Ett Brus" with the fantastic songwriter and guitarplayer Pelle Ossler will be released 29th of october...

This album was recorded in the legendary Hansa ton studios Berlin in september 2007, enginereed by Michael Ilbert!

Pelle Ossler :Vocals & Guitars.

Conny Nimmerjö: Guitars.

Christian Gabel: Drums and Keyboards.

Ulf"Rockis"Ivarsson:Electric Bass

Niklas Hellberg: Piano

Thåström : Synthesizers

Click here to buy it!!

15 September 08

The clock machine turns you on: volume 2 [cd]

This compilation contains 2 tracks from Beatundercontrol!!


beautifully presented in a double gatefold digipak sleevetotal running time: 2h 21m 38s
“Malicious Damage is one of the few record labels to emerge from the late 70s independent explosion to not only survive but still operate in the original spirit of operating outside of the corporations and business straitjackets. With no allegiance to boardrooms the label has been able to fire out a staggeringly diverse array of musical styles and personal visions while keeping abreast of modern technology to assist in distribution and, via the website, invoking an essential feeling that those recording for and supporting the label are involved in some kind of close-knit, even inspirational, crusade for the right of artists to have their say where otherwise they might not get a chance. 

32 malicious classics on 2 CDs, all delicately sewn together by the orb!

It comes as little surprise to find that Dr Alex Paterson, who first became involved with the label at its inception whilst a roadie for founding fathers Killing Joke and singing with his band Bloodsport, is still heavily involved, regularly appearing in label projects the Transit Kings with Jimmy Cauty, Rootmasters with Nina Walsh and most recently with studio wizard Dom Beken as High Frequency Bandwidth, plus several special voyages by The Orb, of course.

Not content with a ‘normal’ compilation, Alex and Dom have hallucinogenically mixed up two CDs representing the current state of M.D.’s amazing catalogue. After kicking off with Killing Joke’s seminal early single Turn To Red, and Bloodsport pummelling the Sex Pistols’ Bodies they weave together the dubbed and dreamy [Youth & Simon Tong’s new Transmission project, Analogue Mindfield, SMARTYR – with the late Paul Raven RIP, Norway’s N.I.C. with former PiL guitarist Keith Levene, Teledubgnosis from the USA, Sweden’s Beatundercontrol], surreal-acoustic [South London blues-picker Bob Meyer, ethereal folkstress Nina Walsh, Canola Tenderfoot], audacious oddities [Caned & Able, Belka & Strelka, Japan’s The Sun Paulo] and more familiar names like Shriekback, Headcount and The Orb from the Orbsessions series.

There’s also tastes of things to come with the Paterson soul chant of H.F.B.’s High Five Brother [Malicious Monitor] and Vertical Smile – Youth’s explosive new disco-punk outfit.

The set is a stunning affirmation of a label which has stuck to its guns and released what it damn well wants, flying the flag for the original independent spirit and relentlessly throwing up stunning musical cross-pollinations shot through with dub, guts and a healthy dose of humour and madness.

This is one malicious clock which shows no sign of winding down."

killing joke: turn to red
transmission: glade
bloodsport: bodies [feat. alex paterson on vocals + special friends]
headcount: control
killing joke: are you receiving
the orb: ba’albek
vertical smile: explode
analogue mindfield: guernica dub [subsonar mix]
beatundercontrol: electroshocker dub
transit kings: japanese cars [burning do’nuts mix]
teledubgnosis: the resurrection machine
analogue mindfield: cosmic dancehall [maya jane coles mix]
canola tenderfoot: first come first served
bob meyer: escondedo
transit kings: the last lighthouse keeper
belka & strelka: tico
running time: 1h 10m 52s

caned & able: soul clapp
analogue mindfield: be careful out there
necessary intergalactic cooperation: driftin’
shriekback: bittersweet
the sun paulo: who i am
transmission: albion
SMARTYR: dark mother dub
belka & strelka: i’ll be your anything [dub mix]
rootmasters: janis joplin’s mum
the orb: sail
high frequency bandwidth: high five brother [malicious monitor]
nina walsh: bright lights & filthy nights
belka & strelka: eternalunlimitedfree
shriekback: waterbaby
caned & able: orchestra
beatundercontrol: departure
running time: 1h 10m 46s

Monday 29 September, 22.00
K-Special SVT 2



A brand new Interview with "Rockis" in the July issue of the scandinavian guitarmagazine "Fuzz"!!
Click Here!! for info!!

Gigs with Thåström!!


27th of june: Peace & Love Festival, Borlänge

28th of june: Zinkensdamms IP : Stockholm ( W / Kent)

25th of july: Slottskogsvallen: Gothenburg (W/ Kent)

10th of august:Beatday Festival: Copenhagen

buc omslag Myspace

18 april 08

Beatundercontrol!! Cosmic Repackage!! Releasedate: April 21st 2008

Since bursting into the world in the late ‘70s as a punk-driven bass evangelist, sweden’s Ulf “Rockis” Ivarsson has since been on a relentless voyage of musical discovery while paying his dues to pay the rent.... Through early ‘80s bands like the quiet, playing the blues with the Eivon boogie band, backing up swedish guitar hero Clas Yngstrom in his group sky high or a host of sessions, Ulf nurtured a growing desire to uncork an inner vision which sounded nothing like any of these lucratively-popular positions... after a stint with world music-techno marauders Hedningama, where he pioneered a new instrument called the bass mandora, Ulf took the plunge in the late ’90s and started Beatundercontrol... Conventional song structures went out the window as he explored his fixations with the mighty dub, noise and experimental music which knew no boundaries, emerging with widely acclaimed first album the introduction in 2003...

‘instead of writing banal three-minute songs with mindless expressions and meaning, i rather try to challenge myself through textures, noises and basslines,’ he explains...
This philosophy is explored with often stunning results on Ulf’s second beatundercontrol album, cosmic repackage, a colossal aural menagerie of space-jazz brass themes and solo flights, subterranean pulses and dark-hued banks of strings which dart between european avant textures to late 60s hypno-drone alchemists the third ear band... it’s a heady brew, ranging from the nocturnal back alley jazz of neighbourterror blues to the intense freeform scattershots and coruscating atmospherics of "departure... if dub’s shadow looms over the album, notably on tracks like the bottomless fizz-bombs of interruption, it steps out and flashes its glorious sonic stiffie on the alien skank of subversion dub, albeit lashed with dissonance and howling winds... From punk rock to the outer limits, Ulf ivarrson has cause to celebrate quite a remarkable musical journey and does so with one of the year’s most intoxicatingly uncompromising aural statements...

Kris Needs 2008

12 April 08

King Hobo!! A new project featuring ”Rockis” on Bass!!

KING HOBO, the project featuring Jean-Paul Gaster (CLUTCH) and Per Wiberg (OPETH) alongside KAMCHATKA guitarist Thomas Juneor Andersson and Ulf Rockis Ivarsson (BEATUNDERCONTROL), will have its self-titled debut album for sale on the CLUTCH U.S. tour with KAMCHATKA starting April 9.

A collection of “merciless blues, funk, and rock and roll,” “King Hobo” includes two covers — “Running”, written by CURTIS MAYFIELD, and a stellar Freddie Hubbard version of WELDON IRVINE’s classic “Mr. Clean”. The album documents one week in Sweden when a small gathering traveling musicians threw their ingredients into the collective cauldron, enjoyed the meal, and then departed as quickly as they had come.
For more information, visit

Performance list updated!!
New Images uploaded!!

26 February 08

Berny Blue!!
A documentary movie with and about the author Berny Pålsson! Music composed by Ulf"Rockis"Ivarsson!

The movie about Berny Pålsson (The author of "En vingklippt ängel and "Känn pulsen slå") is finished!!
"Rockis" have written the music for the film and SVT (Swedish Television ) will broadcast the documentary on K Special 25th of april!!!

"Rockis" working as a producer for "Topper "and "The Scrags"

"Rockis" working in the studio as a producer for the swedish punkband
"Topper" and the marvelous Garage/Trashband "The Scrags"!! More info soon!!

Noise Hifi...A new Industrial Ambient project!!

Check out "Rockis" brand new Industrial Ambient project "Noise Hifi".. You can listen here....

10 January 08

Malicious Damage..New Record label for Beatundercontrol!

So... Finally..It is official that the London based record label "Malicious Damage" will release Beatundercontrol..s forthcoming album "Cosmic Repackage" in april 2008!! There is a Dub album under progression as well and that will be released in fall 2008! Malicious Damage is most known as the label who released the early Killing Joke stuff (First album, What..s this for..etc) and for the great artworks done by the labelowner Mr Mike Coles!

Today... Malicious Damage releasing albums by The Orb, Transit Kings ( Alex Patterson, Guy Pratt and Jim Cauty ex KLF) Belka & Strelka, Transmission (A really good project with Youth, Simon Tong ex The Verve and Big Paul Ferguson ex Killing Joke) Blues guitarist Bob Meyer, Analouge Mindfield, NIC (featuring Keith Levene ex PIL),Teledugnosis . Rootmasters.Etc!!

Im very happy to hook up with the great Mike Coles and the Malicious crew in London so check out Malicious Damage myspace page and their official site and support this real musiclover label
Click here and here

5 December 07
"Rockis" is currently composing and
recording music for a
TV documentary for SVT!!
More info soon!!

"Rockis" have finished 2 new
Beatundercontrol releases:
The full length album "Cosmic repackage" and the
Dub ep featuring Gaffaman!
More info soon about releasedates etc..

Thåström TXTR is out now, "Rockis" have done all the Music and lyrics analyzies in the book!!

Conny Nimmersjö,s new album "Skörheten och oljudet" featuring "Rockis" on bass!